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Carmen Sets Fundraising Record on

Trenton, NJ (May 14, 2013) -- Carman Licciardello has set a record for fundraising by a Christian artist on the website, raising over $200,000.00 in fan donations. The previous record by a Christian artist was for raising $185,000.00 in fan donations.

Earlier this year, Carmen announced that he had been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer and given three to five years to live. On April 22, 2013, Carman posted a video on his Facebook page outlining his plans for his remaining time, featuring a "new recording project that would not be just another record company project" but rather a project between Carmen and his fans.

To raise funding for the project, Carmen created a fundraising project on the popular website. The goal was to raise enough funding to cover the expenses of recording, marketing, and touring to promote the new recording. Not only did the fans of Carmen meet the fundraising goal, they met it 33 days ahead of schedule.

Carmen is currently working on new material for the project. A release date has not been announced.

You can find more information on Carmen's Facebook page at

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