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The Gospel Music Times: From The Editor From The Editor

Reaching for the Unexpected

As I sit here preparing to write this feature article, I have been trying to decide what type of article it should be.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: The Gator Returns The Gator Returns

A Proud Gospel Music Critic

You know, folks, I'm nothing but an ordinary gator, trying to eke out a life built around Gospel music. Yes, I am a critic. I wear that title proudly. If critics didn't exist, there would be no one to help keep an industry in check. And Gospel Music needs more critics.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: Musical Notes Musical Notes

Chasing Religion

Hello Friends, I battled with the subject of this article, but my Spirit just couldn’t ignore the subject of “Chasing Religion”. If you interact in any type of social media, you can see all the differences in opinions beliefs & convictions.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: Mimi Mimi's Moment of Truth


I love the Christmas season. A LOT. Truly. Don’t put it past me to be breaking out some Nat King Cole and “The Christmas Song” in mid-July. My husband can testify that every year we put our tree earlier and earlier, and guess what? It’s rubbing off on my kiddos!  More...
The Gospel Music Times: Music & Moore Music & Moore

The True Measure of Success

First and foremost. I hope every reader has a wonderful holiday season, a prosperous New Year, and especially a very Merry Christmas. I have been sitting around the last few days thinking about the idea of success.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: Expert Expert's Guide to Music Publishing

Iyke Onka - Reaching Africans for Christ

One day a couple of years ago I received an email that went something like this: Hello My name is Iyke Onka, I am a Christian singer, songwriter, and producer from Nigeria and I need a publisher.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: Worth a Listen Worth a Listen

New Music from David Crowder?!

When 'David Crowder*Band' announced in 2011 that they would be disbanding, I was heartbroken. There aren't any bands that I will preorder or even buy whole albums for, but everything they do is excellent.  More...
The Gospel Music Times: From The Incubator From The Incubator

That Big Party In Your Brain

We all have six distracting voices in our thoughts battling for our attention as we make decisions in our creative ministries. Each voice originates from a different source. Of course, we all understand the importance of listening to God’s voice above all.  More...

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