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Gospel Music Times Feature Article
New Music from David Crowder?!
by Jenny McCombs

David Crowder When 'David Crowder*Band' announced in 2011 that they would be disbanding, I was heartbroken. There aren't any bands that I will preorder or even buy whole albums for, but everything they do is excellent. I love the depth of not only the lyrics of their songs, but also the music itself - often I will listen to just one song over and over because I find something in it that I missed the first time. They also showcase the breadth of their musical talent each album - while most of their songs have an electronic/pop/alternative feel, they include at least one old-school gospel song or hymnal every once in a while (Crowder-style, of course). And who doesn't love David Crowder's beard? He's been working on that thing since before A&E even knew about the Robertsons or West Monroe, Louisiana.

So, when 'David Crowder*Band' split up, I watched Crowder's Facebook page like a hawk, hoping that the band might get back together. They made some pretty funny YouTube videos about life after 'David Crowder*Band,' and, alas, it really was the end, with Crowder going his own way, while most of the rest of the band formed the group 'The Digital Age' (a couple of the guys follow me on Twitter - makes me feel like a rock star!). You should check them out, too, because they are pretty awesome.

A short time back, though, Crowder began hinting that new music would be coming down the pike. Sure enough, he will be leading a new group, simply named, 'Crowder.' Their first single, 'I Am' is currently available on iTunes, with the whole album, entitled, 'Neon Steeple' due out some time this year. You can have a listen to 'I Am' here: or watch David Crowder talk about the story behind the song (and what to expect musically from 'Crowder') here:

If you like any of 'David Crowder*Band's music - 'Here Is Our King,' 'Wholly Yours,' 'Come Awake,' 'How He Loves,' 'Oh, Happiness,' 'Church Music - Dance (!), 'After All (Holy),' 'I Am a Seed,' and 'Jesus, Lead Me to Your Healing Waters' are just a few of my favorites - you are not going to be disappointed in 'I Am' or 'Neon Steeple.' I hope you are as excited about this new album as I am. It's going to be great!

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