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Gospel Music Times Feature Article
The True Measure of Success
by Harold Moore

First and foremost. I hope every reader has a wonderful holiday season, a prosperous New Year, and especially a very Merry Christmas. I have been sitting around the last few days thinking about the idea of success.

Success can be a fleeting thing. It can also be nearly impossible to even define for some people. There are just so many variables when it comes to success and being successful. For some success can equate to being financially compensated for their services or products. For others, it may just be a matter of being given more and more opportunities. Still for others, it may be in seeing numbers increase from their efforts. For me, I have come to the conclusion that success is that thing which when we make an effort on behalf of people, either corporately or singularly, and that effort is welcomed and appreciated because it achieves so many different things. That is success!

I made a statement once that if we want to be considered heroes of the faith we still need to be out there slaying giants. And the giants I was referring to are not necessarily the monsters depicted in Biblical old testament times; but, giants do exist even today. They may be a young mother and her children facing hunger or cold. The giant could be as menacing as someone's car on its last leg and no prospects of being able to keep it going or getting another one. There are many giants still facing people on a daily basis; it's just that many times we just don't see them as such.

I have been guilty of ignoring the giants that inhabit the land where I live. I have over the years accumulated a wealth of knowledge in a variety of different areas and disciplines. From photography to music to aviation and a plethora of other interests. But I have learned something this past year - finally. Of all those things I have never considered myself successful. Sure, I had various opportunities to utilize these elements and have, but I have never considered them of any real benefit to anyone. And do not misunderstand that I am saying those capacities of life are not valid; they are, and I have been gratified in those times I have been able to contribute them. What I am saying is that for me success is being able to do something on a regular basis that is mutually beneficial to others, myself and, eventually, God himself.

I have always maintained that whatever we have or whatever we are capable of doing there should always be a return on that investment or possession. The idea of being successful can vary among any number of people but once it has been defined and accepted by any individual or group that is when everything becomes worth the trouble. Personally, I want to feed people and make inexpensive garden products available to those most deserving. Those who work and struggle and who are exploited by the corporations out of greed and corruption. Those who know what it is like to struggle for daily satisfaction in something as basic as having enough to eat. To anyone putting in the tears and sweat and so much more to the household of the faithful.

If I do that, then I will have been a success.

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